Thursday 1 February 2018

Pinto has an Idea by Rajeev Saxena : An Extraordinary Read! #BookReview #FlipkartBooks

Pinto Has an Idea by Rajeev Saxena
Publisher: Bloomsbury India
ISBN: 978-9-386- 82693-0
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 272
Rating: 4/5

Smart writing, intriguing ideas and a thought that contains the desires of all the sane thinking people today. Strong character build up with a metaphorical thought running that keeps the pages interestingly vivid.

Picking up a fiction that is not just a love story but laden with thoughts and ideas which manifest a better living style today. The writer has brought to life a character which doesn’t only connect us all somewhere but also introduces us with a bright idea of the most common problems that we come across today. Weaved in the form of fiction is a straight to heart narration of a boy named Rajat Srivastava or Pinto who has the zeal to do something. His ideas come as a break point that doesn’t just provide attention to the problems but also gives a constructive solution to them.

The book, somehow long, took me about 13 days to complete, a little for the laziness and bits for the plot. No matter how much interesting the narration and Pinto as a character seemed to be the pages sometimes were too much to take. But with extraordinary storytelling Rajeev Saxena has brought to us a book that is filled with practical examples and logical descriptions of the problems surrounding us and also provided for an insight into their solving.

There is a little love story blooming in the story but is not put into much of a highlight which is interesting again as that keeps the bigger perspective of brain work into limelight.

“Pinto has an Idea” is an extraordinary description of what a mind can do when it is put to right motives and problem solving. As much as it targets the thoughts and solutions of the modern Indian living, it also serves as a story which is truly powerful and moving.

Profound and connecting – Pick this book up if you are in search of a different read which makes you think and put your mind at work.

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